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Brian's Page

When someone is passing
Light a light
To help them thus
Go always right

Words are magical to me. The ability to paint a picture with a few syllables is precious. I have always considered writing of all kinds to be a joy; but poetry, in particular, has a unique place because of its ability to express complex thoughts in simple words.

Much of my poetry is viewable at, but I have one particular favorite that I'd like to share here.

One little flower really isn't so much.
Yet, it can have a Midas touch,
Bringing cheer on a lonely day,
Or chasing someone's blues away.
A single blossom, like a friendly smile,
Can spread good cheer for at least a while;
And sometimes, in its own small way,
A flower can help a person to say
A thousand words that cannot be verbalized.
A million dreams can be thus realized.

A flower is such a friendly thing.
As graceful as ever a bird on the wing,
As soft as down, or the breeze, or the snow--
As lovely a creature as ever did grow.
Cultivated or wild, growing indoors or out,
Arranged in a pattern, or just scattered about,
Their pistils and petals and stamen and stems
Have been molded by nature to form living gems.
But with all of their beauty and wonder and such,
It remains that a flower really isn't so much.

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